Chef Geneva Melby embarked on her culinary journey in the East Bay before enrolling at the Seattle Culinary Academy to formalize her passion. Starting as a baker, she transitioned to restaurant work at La Bête, one of Seattle’s best restaurants, where her culinary skills blossomed.

Her career reached new heights after winning an international culinary competition, earning her a spot in a prestigious culinary school in Spain and a position at the Michelin-starred Abadia de la Retuerta. Returning to the United States, Geneva refined her craft as sous chef at the acclaimed Cafe Juanita in Kirkland, WA, before relocating to Sonoma County, where she served as Chef de Cuisine at Ramen Gaijin.

Geneva was chosen to be the Chef de Cuisine at Khom Loi, where she eagerly delved into the intricacies of Thai cuisine. It was during this time that Geneva and partner Ryan Miller’s Redwood pop-ups began gaining traction, showcasing seasonal produce, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors, and California natural wines.

The Redwood brick-and-mortar restaurant and wine bar opened in February 2023., Geneva continues to captivate diners with her innovative culinary creations, rooted in her commitment to local, seasonal ingredients.