What started as two chefs creating glorious food and wine experiences for Simi Winery, resulted in an even greater pairing, partners in life! Over the past 10+ years, they have dazzled their guests by focusing on ultra-creative farm to table cuisine from around the globe. With a wealth of knowledge in food and wine pairing, sustainable agriculture, and global cuisines, they provide tourists and locals with unforgettable culinary experiences in the privacy of their own (or luxury vacation) homes. Sharing a driven spirit to travel, they have brought back the fruits of their experiences and working together they have built a reputation for providing some of the best food and professional service in the Bay Area.

Chef Eric, most recently a contestant on Food Network Star Season 8, graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1992 with a singular goal: to create food memories all over the world. This passion for life is readily apparent during every meal that he prepares for his guests. He has loved so many stops along the way in his career from catering for photo shoots, being a culinary instructor, a Chef at Apple and Executive Chef at Sonoma State University. But nothing compares to working side by side with his adoring wife!

Chef Laura’s training comes from the hard knocks of working her way through the brigade of several large-scale restaurants in Monterey County. Leaving restaurant kitchens to start her family she shared her passion for everything culinary as an instructor of home cooks and budding professionals at the Napa Valley Cooking School, Home Chef and CIA Napa. Teaching through taste is truly her passion!