Ramekins Executive Chef, Kyle Kuklewski, has over a decade of culinary experience with the majority of his career having worked in fine dining restaurants within top luxury brand hotels. Working under Michelin rated chefs, Chef Kyle honed his culinary skills while developing a strong attention to detail, an appreciation for using only the finest quality ingredients and a drive for creativity.

As Executive Chef at Ramekins, he oversees all on and off-site catering operations, Culinary School programming and the culinary development of joint properties such as Wing and Barrel Ranch, Cornerstone Sonoma and Ramekins own 5th Street Farm.

Outside of the kitchen, he enjoys spending time with his partner, Matthew and dog Stella, hiking, travel, and is involved with community events such as the local mentoring alliance, The Hannah Boys Center, and the Boys and Girls Club of Sonoma. With Ramekins, he has collaborated in partnerships with The Sonoma Valley Visitor’s Bureau and local hospitality groups to further promote tourism for Sonoma Valley.